baikal of wonders

The land of Baikal region in Russia has always been sacred to the local indigenous peoples — Buryats. After 70 years of stagnation the religious faith of their ancestors began to revive.

Shamans are necessary for talking with gods and ancestors. To become a shaman you need to have not only special ancestry but also to get a clear sign from the Father Sky. Such a gift can't be refused.

Traditionally shamans never had general control structures, but the local authorities have recently tried to emphasize the autonomy of the Siberian regions, using the cultural identity of small nations as an argument. This trend made shamanists create professional unions, organize festivals, scientific conferences.

Moreover, in the wake of the popularity of the new-age culture, the lake Baikal is increasingly presented in guidebooks as the sacred center of the shaman’s world. Amulets, totems and “real shaman drums” are in demand in local souvenir shops.