on one side of the fire

With the beginning of the fire season from 10 to 50 foci to the burning of dry vegetation are recorded daily on the territory of the Krasnodar region in Russia. For the most part, it's a cane grass at the curb and stubble. The local people deliberately burn down a grass, leaves, and entire fields to save money on their recycling. It's officially permitted to burn only rice straw that remains after harvesting the rice, and just under certain conditions to avoid the spread of fire.

In early September of 2016 activists of the Russian branch of "Greenpeace" arrived to combat the arson of the low parts of downstream valleys of the rivers covered with reed and trees nearby the Azov sea. But during the expedition, they were obstructed by the people called themselves Cossacks, and then the camp of the "Greenpeace" was attacked by eight armed people in masks. During the year the perpetrators were never found.

Firefighters of Greenpeace had gone, but thanks to former volunteers of the Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus, their work continues. It's been a year since the local group of volunteer firefighters remains in force in the Krasnodar region and the Adygea Republic.