savelovo station

A long time ago Savelovo district in Kimry was known throughout Russia thanks to the production of equipment for the defense industry, Russian space Agency, Russian Railways and Ministry of emergencies and also because of the manufacturing first-class footwear for ordinary people. In the late 90s Kimry had the reputation of Central Russia heroin capital cause of gypsies settled in Savelovo.

However, the key to understanding it is the so-called “101st km”, a kind of estrangement from Moscow, the scene of the expulsion of dissidents, parasites, repeat offenders and other undesirable for the Soviet regime citizens. In the 37th Mandelstam couple had to move here, and six months later the family of the philosopher and philologist Mikhail Bakhtin did the same. Osip wrote here “Savelovo cycle” and Mikhail Mikhailovich finished his iconic work about folk laughter culture and creativity of Francois Rabelais.

Now only a few ruined houses and migrant workers from former Soviet republics remind “the 101st km”. There aren't any more genuine dissident despair in Savelovo, its place was taken by thick timelessness and Russian green longing.