the door in the wall

The project addresses the themes of life in cities and moving between them. The eponymous story by H. G. Wells was the mainstay of the approach for exploring the city. It focuses on searching for wonder in the ordinary — on a journey that one takes to stay alone with himself.

The city shown through the “places of power” of its inhabitants appears undress, intimately close. Sights are easily recognized by locals, but can barely tell something to the visitor, as well as short comments from citizens about why this place is dear to them. Despite the fact that the routes of the artist run through the city center, there are no touristic sights on the photos.

In the portrait part of the project the artist conveys feelings of alienation, irrelevance experienced by the visitor. This story is about that painstakingly following one's recommendations do not always help the traveler to find the destination. The key object of the installation part of the exhibition is a reflective tape. The author considers the street object as an extraordinary artifact: “on the one hand, reflective tape protects the people from the town, and on the other — it protects the city from the people”.